6 Things That Get in the Way of Enjoying Video Games 2023

Video games are a great pastime if you are looking to entertain yourself. In some cases, a video game can also be an excellent source of education or learning new skills.

Having said that, for someone who has been playing video games for many years, the novelty might be slowly wearing off, and it is not necessarily because of so much time spent on the hobby. No, unfortunately, there are other factors that get in the way of enjoying video games.

Poor Game Optimization

Let’s start with poor game optimization. It is no secret that modern video game developers tend to emphasize profits a lot because that is how the industry is these days. Such an approach leads to rushed releases and poor game optimization or various bugs on launch.

Waiting for patches to fix the problems often kills the hype for a game. Imagine waiting for a new release and even pre-ordering it so you can preload and start playing as fast as possible. A disappointing release is arguably the best example of killing interest in a video game. 

Friends Leaving the Game

If you are someone who plays mostly single-player games, the part about friends leaving the game might be irrelevant. However, it would not be a stretch to say that most players stick to online games where they meet other players and establish friendships.

Once you get used to playing with friends, it is hard to see them disappear from the game, which leaves you in a weird place of not knowing whether you should continue or move on as well. 

Sure, one could argue that you can always try and make new friends, but it is hard to replace certain people, and the fact that you might never play with them again is often enough to stop enjoying certain video games. 

Outdated Hardware

Outdated hardware is another example of a problem that you cannot really avoid. Sooner or later, the demands for video games will overtake what you have in terms of computer hardware, and you will have to invest in new hardware if you want to keep up.

In addition, there are other technical issues that might get in the way. For instance, microphone bugs prevent you from communicating with other players, or too much dust accumulates inside the computer, causing it to overheat.

Individually, these problems might seem trivial, but once they add up, it is to be expected that your general enjoyment of video games drops. 

Toxic Behavior From Other Players

Playing online video games means that you need to interact with other players. Sadly, there are plenty of players who are toxic and would rather ruin it for the rest than look at themselves and identify the problem to get better.

Of course, video game developers are well aware of the toxicity and are trying their best to implement various systems to reduce the issue. The features to report other players or mute buttons can only do so much when you still need to communicate to be efficient. And it is not like you can avoid certain players.

Even if a video game offers you the option to blocklist certain players, the odds are that this list is limited, and you will run out of space sooner rather than later.

Toxic behavior is one of the biggest challenges that video game companies have to overcome if they want to make the majority of the playerbase happy. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see what solutions developers come up with in the future. 

Developers Ignoring Community Feedback

Communication between game developers and the players is one of the cornerstones of a healthy relationship. However, there are numerous examples of developers failing to accept feedback from the players or straight-up lying about upcoming features in the game.

Poor communication can be the difference-maker between a thriving game and a game that bleeds players every day. If you notice a pattern of video game developers disappointing you with one community message after another, it will not take too long before you give up and move to something else.

Content Drought

Content drought is another example of an issue that leads people not to enjoy a video game or play a different game. 

Of course, there are examples of video games that do not receive big content drops on a regular basis. For example, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or DOTA 2. However, it is the nature of these games that leave developers in a place where they can focus on other areas, such as bug fixing.

A lot comes down to how strong a community is. If there is a demand, it should be one of the leading factors in encouraging developers to provide more content. Age of Empires II is a great example of an old video game that continues to receive support from the developers because it has so many dedicated players and content creators.

Coming back to the content drought problem, you are unlikely to continue playing a video game if it becomes too repetitive and fails to introduce new features and content.

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