[Verizon too]Download SQU2ASF6: Night Mode update for AT&T S10/S10 Plus/S10e

Update 03/07/2019:

Along side AT&T, Verizon has also released Night mode update for S10 units on it’s network, see more details below.

Update 02/07/2019:

Download SQU2ASF6 firmware with Night Mode for AT&T Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e: Finally after a long wait Samsung and AT&T has made available the most anticipated Night mode feature for the AT&T S10/S10 Plus and S10e variants in the US. The process doesn’t involve any port or modification but simply it’s the firmware upgrade that you need to perform. In this guide we’ll show the process to get Night Mode feature on the AT&T Galaxy S10 camera app. Let us remind you that the update is available to download as G970USQU2ASF6 for AT&T S10e, G973USQU2ASF6 for AT&T S10 and G975USQU2ASF6 for AT&T S10 Plus, Just read more to see the instruction to enable Night mode feature on Galaxy S10 variants.

Galaxy S10 is the currently the latest flagship from Samsung, it carries some major design improvements and features upgrade over it’s predecessor. One most popular feature is the addition of Night Mode in the camera app. The new feature is pretty useful in taking great quality images in low light situations. This new features is widely appreciated and European S10 variants have already had that feature. Now Samsung has finally rolled out Night mode feature for AT&T S10 in the latest firmware update. The company doesn’t make any announcement about it, except the update was considered as common security updates.

The update not only brings Night mode but also comes with June 2019 security patch along other improvements and bug fixes. However if you have already updated your phone to the aforementioned firmware then you are all set, just head to the camera app and enjoy the goodies of new feature. If you haven’t access to this feature then just go ahead and update your device by following our instructions.

Download G970/G973/G975USQU2ASF6: Night Mode update for AT&T Galaxy S10/Plus/E

Just download the firmware tar file from the provided links below.

Download G970USQU2ASF6: Night Mode for AT&T Galaxy S10e

Download G973USQU2ASF6: Night Mode for AT&T Galaxy S10

Download G975USQU2ASF6: Night Mode for AT&T Galaxy S10 Plus

Links will be updated soon

Alternate method to download firmware: Get the latest firmware directly from Samsung servers via Samfirm tool.

After downloading the appropriate firmware package, just follow further instructions to flash it via Odin.

That’s it! Upon successful installation, your phone must have the Night mode feature enabled in the camera app of your device.

Update 03/07/2019:

Night Mode update for Verizon Galaxy S10/Plus/E also released!

Verizon is rolling out the update with the same build as AT&T, and the update also comes with the same Night mode features and June 2019 patch along with bug fixes. An answer to all those who are asking “updated att s10e still no night mode”…

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