Automatic Wallpaper Changer For Android – Download

Are you getting bore of watching the same UI every time you glance at your device. Try a different look each time you pick you pick your Android device in hand and that’s only possible with help of automatically changeable wallpapers.

Now a days every OEM try to put some good looking wallpaper on their new devices. Great thing about Android is that it is a highly customizable OS as compared to other OS in the market. If you are also interested to download automatic wallpapers changer app for your Android device then we have a great app in hand for you. In this brief tutorial we’ll show how to download and install Automatic Wallpaper Changer app on your Android device.

Automatic Wallpaper Changer App For Android

Your purpose for changing wallpaper automatically is done by an App known as ‘Changer – Wallpaper Manager’. First you need to create a folder and fill it with the images and wallpapers of your choice, this app lets you automatically change the home screen wallpaper from the folder. You can set the time from 2 minutes to 24 hours depending upon your choice. So without wasting more time lets head to the installation process.

Download the ‘Changer – Wallpaper Manager’. Google Play.

How to install and Activate the Automatic wallpaper changer

Type ‘Changer Wallpaper Manager’ and search the app on Google Play.

Download the app and wait for it to complete.

Now tap Open to open the app.

Click next to go to the next page.

Give it necessary permission to access user storage.

Allow access to your files.

Set the time interval for changing the wallpapers and tap next.

You are done! If you have any query leave a comment below. If you liked our work, do share it your friends.

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