Download MacBook Pro 2018 Stock Wallpapers

In this stock wallpapers post, we have managed to bring MacBook Pro 2018 Stock wallpapers for you. The MacBook Pro 2018 default wallpapers are in 10668 x 6668 Pixels which is 4K Ultra HD Resolution best fit for 4K display of computer as well as smartphones. Just read more to grab the collection of Stock MacBook Pro 2018 official Wallpapers.

MacBook Pro 2018: Specifications

Finally Apple has released, it’s latest MacBook Pro 2018 with the latest Mac OS running out of the box. There are two variants released by the company, one is 13-inch MacBook Pro that comes with a Quad Core 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5 8th gen chip along 8GB of RAM on board and Intel Iris Graphics. The devices comes with 2TB/4TB internal flash storage.

Talking about the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018, the device is powered by a six cores 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor clocked at 2.7GHz, comes with 16GB of RAM and an option for external GPU. The devices also comes with a 1TB/2TB of flash storage. Apple has installed latest MAC OS in it’s latest device, other features include fingerprint support for Touch ID, Data encryption and much more.

MacBook Pro 2018 Stock Wallpapers Collection:

The MacBook Pro 2018’s latest Mac OS brings redesigned colorful wallpapers, if you wish to download them then you are heading towards the right direction. We have currently a set of 2 MacBook Pro 2018 stock wallpapers, we have also added a preview of them as well. The wallpapers for mobile devices are in 1124 x 2536 pixels whereas for desktop device the wallpapers are in 10668 x 6668 4K resolution.

Note: The gallery arranged below is just for sample, if you want to download the wallpapers in full resolution just click on our Google Drive link below.

Preview of MacBook Pro 2018 Wallpapers

MacBook Pro 2018 Wallpaper for Desktop:

MacBook Pro 2018 Wallpaper for Mobile devices:

Download MacBook Pro 2018 Stock Wallpapers

Download for Mobile: Link

Download for Desktop: Link

Here is the automatic wallpaper changer app, you can put all these wallpapers in the folder and the app will change the wallpapers automatically upon desired time.

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