How to fix the issue of slow internet speed on OnePlus 5T

If you own a OnePlus 5T and experiencing the slow browsing issue or you find the internet speed is slow on your device, then we are here to help you in sorting out the problem. We have posted below a few methods to resolve the issue of slow internet on OnePlus 5T to improve the browsing experience and enjoy the real potential of apps that required to work via internet.

Well, it’s needless to say that everybody hates slow internet, especially when you are using social media apps or in the middle of some important conversation or even using navigation during driving. Multiple users seems to be reporting about the issue, so we decided to write a tutorial to help all those who are facing such issues, just continue reading along with the guide to see instructions to fix the issue of slow internet on OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus launched it’s OnePlus 5T in 2017, the device comes with top of the line hardware with great camera quality and above all, it comes with a budget friendly price tag. Although powerful hardware on the device can easily handle the burden of tons of apps and data on the device but most of the time software on the device a vital role as well. The issue of slow internet speed or the internet lags on device can happen due to the huge amount of apps usage at a time. There may also be various other possibilities for the poor Internet and the page to load slowly, we have discussed below each of them take a look on each one to resolve the slow internet issue on OnePlus 5T.

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Reasons for Slow Internet on OnePlus 5T

There are a few factors involved in slowing down the device which directly affects the internet performance, some of these includes, Poor Wi-Fi connectivity, weak or low coverage, the cache memory of internet is full, low storage on the device, the device is too heaving with multiple applications being run in the background and sometime low battery issue also observed to be the cause.

How to improve the slow internet issue on OnePlus 5T

Here we have a few quick fixes to resolve the OnePlus 5T slow Internet problem.

Reset Network Settings

Some time wrong access points can affect the internet usage, so here we recommend you to reset the network setting by following the steps below.

  • Click on the Settings
  • Click on Backup and reset
  • Tap Reset network settings
  • Click on Reset settings

With the above method, if the problem is not gone just follow the next method.

Clear Cache on your OnePlus 5T

Clearing the cache of the device also worked for some users. Clearing the cache won’t erase your data or apps so You don’t need to worry about it. Follow the steps below to erase the cache partition.

  • Turn off your device completely.
  • Boot it into recovery mode, by following this guide.
  • Once in recovery mode, tap on Wipe Data and Cache
  • Click Wipe Cache and then click on Yes to continue
  • After that just tap on Reboot to restart your device.

We hope the problem should be fixed by now. If still it is there then the only option is to hard reset your device.

Hard Reset

Note: Performing a hard reset will erase everything on the device including, pictures, messages, apps and almost all the stuff you have stored on your device. So we recommend you make a secure backup of the device before proceeding ahead. Follow the steps to hard reset OnePlus 5T.

  • Turn off your device completely.
  • Boot it into recovery mode, by following this guide.
  • Once in recovery mode, tap on Wipe >  data cache >  Erase Everything > Confirm
  • Once this is done, reboot the device

You can now restore your data back on the device to make it working again like before. If the problem is still there, then it seems to be a hardware issue, you need to visit the repair center or ask for replacement.

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