September 2018 security patch for Moto G6 Play – Build ODPS27.91-106-4-2

Moto G6 Play units on Verizon network have started receiving a new system update from the carrier. This is the first system update released for Verizon Moto G6 Play which brings September 2018 security patch with other Motorola specific security fixes as well. If you look at the change log, Verizon mentioned the update as “The current software update gives you the most up to date Android security patches on your device”.

The new update is rolling out as we speak and it will hit every device around the globe in a few days. The September 2018 for Verizon Moto G6 Play arrives as build ODPS27.91-106-4-2 based on Android Oreo but doesn’t bring anything major to discus except latest security patch. But late then never it is always recommended to keep your device updated regarding firmware updates.

Firmware details:

Device Name: Moto G6 Play

Device Model:

Carrier: Verizon (US)

OS update: Android Oreo

Build number: ODPS27.91-106-4-2

Android Security Patch Level: 01 September, 2018

Update size:

If you wish to update your device without waiting for the OTA just follow the steps below.

Download September 2018 ODPS27.91-106-4-2 OTA for Verizon Moto G6 Play

Tap the Settings icon in the apps drawer.

In the Setting menu, head to the “About phone” section.

Now select tap on “System updates” and check for the available system updates.

Tap on Download if it notifies you of the update, and let it install automatically.

As we mentioned above that only stock un-rooted device is eligible for the update, don’t waste your device waiting for the OTA if your device is rooted, it will never gonna happen you need to switch to manual firmware installation.

Note: If you get OTA update right on your device, then before installing the update it is mandatory to charge your device minimum at 60% to avoid shut down. Good Luck 🙂

Source Verizon

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