PPP29.118-17-1: Android Pie for Moto G6 Play is now available

Update: 17/07/2019:

US Cellular Moto G6 Play started getting Android Pie update from Motorola. The Screenshot of the update and the link to download PPP29.118-17-1 Pie firmware for US Unlocked Moto G6 Play is mentioned in the original story below.

Old story:

Finally it seems that Motorola under Lenovo has started releasing Android Pie update for it’s devices. Earlier today we reported you about Moto Z3 getting Android Pie update from the company. And now Motorola has finally released Android 9.0 Pie soak test update for Moto G6 and G6 Play units. The Android Pie soak test update for Moto G6 Play is available to download as build PPP29.55-10, the update not only brings goodies of Android Pie but also addition of new features along January 2019 security patch and much more. Just keep reading the guide to see more details about the firmware.

Android Pie Soak test PPP29.55-10 for Moto G6 Play, What’s New?

Back in August 2018, Motorola announced to release the Pie update for supported device in fall 2018, then in November roll out begin for Moto One and One Power. Next in the line was Moto Z/G series device, after releasing Pie update for Moto Z3 units, the update is now finally hitting Moto G6 Play units in Brazil. Moto G6 Play was released in 2018 with Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box and now users in Brazil are getting Pie OTA as soak test, a user on the Telegram group for Moto G6 has posted an image which claims that there is some update available for a select number of devices. However the change log doesn’t shows it’s Android Pie update, as that is the prime focus of the soak test.

Moto G6 Play Android Pie features!

It is needless to mentioned that Android Pie comes with major improvements over Oreo firmware.  For change log, Motorola notes that the firmware update will “improve your mobile experience from the new Intuitive Navigation and Recent App”. Once the update is installed don the device it will also bring an improved Do Not Disturb mode, adaptive brightness/battery, simplified volume control, revamped split screen, a revamped settings menu and much more.

How to get the Pie PPP29.55-10 OTA on Moto G6 Play?

The update is rolling out as we speak but not all devices will get the update at once, it will gradually hit a few devices in a few days or weeks. However you can head to Settings > System > System updates and if check for the system update if available, tap on Download and install to get the update.

We will update a guide regarding the manual installation of Android Pie on Moto G6 Play as soon as we get our hands on the firmware file. Stay connected!

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Update: 17/07/2019:

Download PPP29.118-17-1 Pie firmware for US Unlocked Moto G6 Play

The update comes with build PPP29.118-17-1, and this time it’s the stable roll out happening right now in the US. If you own a Moto G6 Play US Unlocked, head to Settings > About device > firmware updates section. Good Luck!

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