Update R775VVRU1CRL8/ R765VVRU1CRL8 OTA on Gear S3 Classic/Frontier- Brings new emojis, GIF’s, revamped UI and more

Gear S3 Classic and Frontier variants on Verizon network are getting a major software 2019 update from Samsung in the US. The update arrives as firmware version R775VVRU1CRL8 for Gear S3 Classic while the Gear S3 Frontier gets new update as build R765VVRU1CRL8. The new update comes with a bunch of new features, improvements and bug fixes that we have discussed below in details. The firmware once installed on the device also bumps the Tizen version to Just continue reading the guide to update the R775VVRU1CRL8/ R765VVRU1CRL8 firmware on Verizon Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier.

R775VVRU1CRL8 / R765VVRU1CRL8 Firmware: What’s new?

The update brings vast improvements and fixes in the various department of system to enhance it’s usability and functionality. The Samsung health app and it’s widget gets smarter with the ability to display sleep stage information and indoor workouts and back-to-back workout.

In term of usability, the update also features improved UI for the Quick Panel that makes it faster and easier to interact. Samsung has also added two new Settings modes, called Sleep mode and Theater mode on the Quick Settings Panel.

Here are a few other features added in the Verizon Gear S3 Classic / Frontier update 2019:

The settings menu has been re-categorized

Notification panel now shows incoming MMS image

Support for Automatically play GIFs and other animations.

Tizen version to updated to v4.0.0.2

Enhanced capability of Messaging app, lets you save draft messages and supports over 1,000 emojis.

As mentioned above the update is currently rolling out in the US, other regions will get the OTA in a few days. The R775VVRU1CRL8 and R765VVRU1CRL8 update for Gear S3 weighs in around 300MB, so get it on your device right away by going into About Gear >> Update software. Let the watch check for new updates.

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