Download and Play Viking Rise game for PC – Windows 10/8/7

Finally the most amazing game Viking Rise by IGG.Com is now available for Android. You might be wondering about the word “Android” in a game for PC article? But that’s true actually there is no official PC version of the game is available for PC but with this little trick you can make it playable on bigger screen, including Desktop PC, Laptops or even Mac OS. Keep reading the guide as we are going to show how to install the Viking Rise game on PC in moment but first we are going to describe a few words about the game.

The game got immense popularity in a very short span of time. Right now IGG.Com only released the game for Android/iOS platform but there is no official release available for Windows OS. If you want to play Viking Rise game on PC with Windows 10/8/7 or even Mac OS X then we are here to help you on that. You will need a Bluestacks emulator or Tencent gaming buddy, both are great ways to enjoy your favorite games on PC. 

You need to download the Viking Rise app as an Android flashable apk file and manually install the apk on the emulator to play Viking Rise game on Windows PC. Just continue reading the post to see the features of the game and download Viking Rise game for PC running Windows 10, windows 8 or Win 7.

Viking Rise Game for PC Windows 10/8/7: Official Features

Here are the apk details that you are going to install via Emulator.

File details:

App Name: Viking Rise-for-pc

Game version: latest 2023

File size: 819mb

Minimum OS requirements: Windows 10/8/7

Hardware Requirements: Minimum 4GB of RAM/2000MB free storage

Developers: IGG.Com

Game Play:

Here a few official features of the game on the Google Play.

Official features!

The description below is taken from Google Play!

Viking Rise] is one of the best online multiplayer real-time war strategy games with epic world-building. You play as the leader of the Vikings, guiding your Tribe throughout Valhalla in the uncharted world of Midgard. Explore, plunder, develop, hunt, and fight your way across the land of Valhalla, filled with hidden dangers and opportunities. Lead your Viking Tribe to the top as you accrue massive wealth, fame, and power. Form an alliance with other players, protect one another from invasions, and defeat all enemies to conquer Midgard!

Audiovisual Masterpiece

Step into the world of the Vikings. Explore magnificent oceans and towering mountains, and experience realistic changes in the seasons.

Global Multi-Player Battles

Challenge players from around the world or fight alongside allies and prove you have what it takes to be a Viking leader. Choose strategy, diplomacy.

Design Your Territory

Expand your territory to support your growing Tribe. Conquer the lands of Valhalla, grow your population, and recruit talent to develop your land

Naval Combat

Lead the Vikings across unknown waters to conquer new lands in Valhalla. Strategy is key! Use the sea to your advantage to carry out surprise attacks on the enemy and plunder their resources!

Real-Time Combat

Fight your enemies in real-time on a massive world map. Find strength in numbers as you form alliances to crush the vast enemy forces.

Fight Alongside Viking Heroes

Summon legendary Viking Heroes to join you in war! Recruit Ragnar, Bjorn, Ival the Boneless, Snake-Eyed Sigurd, Harald Bluetooth, Rollo, Valkyrie, and other famous figures from Norse mythology.

Tame the Ancient Dragon

The raging beasts in Norse mythology are wreaking havoc on this land. Send your Heroes to hunt down these mythical beasts, craft legendary equipment, explore mysterious ruins and caves.

Download Viking Rise for PC – Play Viking Rise on Windows 10/8/7 & Mac OS X

Download the latest Viking Rise file from the link below.

Below we have mentioned the process is simple to install the Viking Rise file manually on PC with Bluestacks or Tencent gaming buddy, just follow these steps carefully.

Download_Viking Rise_game_for_PC:

First you need to download the apk file from the link below

Download_Viking Rise_file_Apk

Once done with the download works, now it’s the time to make the apk playable on any PC, to do that follow instructions over here to manually install the game on PC using BlueStacks Emulator.

That’s it! For any query feel free to contact us anytime!

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