12 Tips How to Make Apps Download Faster on Your Devices.

Dealing with slow app download is annoying and figuring out the actual reason behind it is challenging. Spotting the right cause is not as difficult as it appears; all you need is to spend some time while keeping your patience levels.

If you want to learn more about how to make apps download faster, the article is for you. You will get to know about the potential ways that can help you improve the internet speed for faster downloads.

How to improve the internet speed for faster downloads!

Restart Your Computer

If you have been using a computer for quite some time now, you must be familiar with the fact that a restart is a solution to many technical glitches. If you find any kind of difficulty varying from slow downloads and screen flickering to the sluggish device, or app freeze, restart your computer, and many of these issues will just vanish.

Test Internet Speed

After restarting your laptop, if the problem continues to occur and you are finding difficulty downloading apps, check your internet speed. Run a speed test to detect how many megabytes per second it renders. A speed of 100 to 200 Mbps means your slow downloads are not caused by the speed of your internet connection.

Change App Configuration

Sometimes, changing app configuration by navigating to the hidden files can help you update the apps faster. When you feel that not only the downloads but installing app updates are taking longer than usual, open bin files to change the configuration or the license number. Press Shift + Command + C, click usr, tap local, and select bin.

Download One File at a Time

When you attempt to download multiple apps simultaneously, the download fails. Your processor might not be able to process multiple downloads, so restrict to downloading a single file at a time. This will not put much pressure on the system, and you may feel no issue while downloading files on your computer or smartphone.

Delete Unnecessary Apps

With so many apps available to make our work easier, we have become accustomed to downloading them unnecessarily. Some of the apps – be it photo editing or gaming apps, are never used, but they stay on our devices only to consume space. Mostly, it’s a lack of space that results in slowdowns. Detect and delete all unnecessary apps that are of no use.

Deactivate Login Item

Similar to unnecessary downloads, the login items can be one of the reasons behind slow computer performance leading to slower apps. The login programs are the apps that activate automatically each time you boot the device. While some of these apps are useful, a majority of them are just random programs that you no longer use. Find and delete them right away.

Check Your Modem & Router

While looking for ways to tackle slow internet downloads, one thing that you must try is replacing your WiFi devices. Yes, we are talking about the modem and the router or any internet boosters you might be using. First, check if they are working properly or contact your internet service provider (ISP) to replace them with the latest models.

Upgrade WiFi Plan

If nothing seems to work and you are still finding a solution for how to make apps download faster, speak with your ISP to upgrade the internet plan. It might help improve the downloading speed of the apps and other programs. Make sure to check out all the plans and buy one that best fits your monthly data needs.

Connect Ethernet Cable

Wireless networks are prone to interruptions, so try connecting the Ethernet cable to improve the speed of app downloads on your computer. If you are using a Mac with no Ethernet port, connect an external adapter such as the Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. A wired connection is faster, so it will accelerate app downloads while speeding up browsing.

Clear System/Browser Cache

When you are working on a computer for long hours, you view plenty of files and apps and search a lot on the internet. This leads to building up large chunks of cache that keeps growing as you use the device. Although cache files help speed up access time, they often result in slowing down the browser, so you need to clear the cache regularly.

Upgrade Router Firmware

Like other programs, apps, and drivers, the firmware needs upgrading for better performance. Be consistent in updating the hardware firmware or software programs to avoid slowdowns. If you are not so sure about your router settings, visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about how to update the router firmware.

Scan for Viruses

When your computer is showing signs of a slowdown, a virus intrusion can be the cause. So, before you do anything that demands huge investment, install an antivirus application and scan your computer thoroughly. If you detect a malicious item, delete it right away from the computer. Make sure to remove it permanently to avoid any further damage.

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