List of 5 best custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi A1

If you are looking for some of the best custom ROMs for your Xiaomi Mi A1, then we have arranged a list of top 5 best custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi A1 based on Android Pie, latest version of Android.

Xiaomi introduced it’s Mi A1 device back in 2017, unlike other Xiaomi device that run heavily modified MIUI skin on the top of Android OS, the Xiaomi Mi A1 being part of Android One program runs stock Android UI out of the box. The device was released with Android Nougat on board but later received official Oreo support, and now you can install Android Pie via custom ROM on your Mi A1.

Xiaomi Mi A1 comes with decent hardware specs you can expect best performance on any latest custom ROM available for the device. Mi A1 comes with mid range Snapdragon 625 processor, coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB in-built storage. Comes with a full HD 1080p display, and as mentioned above runs stock Android UI under the umbrella of Android One initiative.

While the stock firmware on any device provides stable and smooth software experience but in term of customization level, custom ROMs not only bring latest version of Android but also provide you a long list of third party features, tweaks and loads of customization options. Most of the Xiaomi Mi A1 users are often seen searching for the best custom ROM for their device, and to be honest it is pretty confusing to decide which is the best custom ROM for the device. Now we are here to help you on that, just continue reading the guide to see list of top 10 best custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi A1.

List of Best Custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi A1

Here is the list of best Android Pie based custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1, each ROM has it’s own aspects like performance, enhanced tweaking options, battery backup and more. We hope it will help you in downloading the best custom ROM for your device.

1. LineageOS 16 custom ROM:

LineageOS ROM is the ranked on the top among the list of available custom ROMs. The LineageOS ROM is a re-branded version of older CyanogenMod ROM, and CM ROM is considered as mother of all custom ROMs. Cyanogenmod ROM which is now LineageOS ROM, has introduced their LineageOS 16 which is based on Android Pie and it’s needless to mentioned that it comes with goodies of Android Pie OS. Lineage is the most famous and one of the most installed custom ROM for any Android device. Most of the popular features from the ROM are Theme, Navigation bar, Customizable status bar, Toggle features, custom performance profile, privacy guard and much more.

Download LineageOS 16 ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1

Download ROM

Download Gapps for LOS 16.

2. Resurrection Remix:

We rank Resurrection Remix as the second best ROM after lineageOS. The Resurrection Remix ROM has been around since 2012, the earlier builds of RR were build on the top of CM source code, but after a few years in 2016 it officially comes to the Google AOSP code. In all these year, the ROM has evolved in all aspects to meet the requirements of modern smartphone and their hardware. RR ROM comes with an integrated version of efficient features of Slim, Omni which is basically supported by CyanogenMod architecture. Recently Resurrection Remix has been updated to v7.0, which is based on Android 9 Pie OS and includes features like comes with by default Trebuchet launcher, advanced reboot menu, System UI tuner, Live display and recent styles can be customized.

Download Resurrection Remix v7.0 for Xiaomi Mi A1

Download ROM

Download Gapps for LOS 16.

3. AOSPExtended ROM:

AOSP Extended is a combination of useful features handpicked from multiple AOSP Projects including OmniROM and others. Stock Android UI on the device provides smooth user experience, provides built-in theme engine without need of root, based on Android Pie it contains features like Status bar and Lock screen optimizations and in-fact you can get a glimpse of useful features extracted from other ROMs. It is one of the most downloaded ROM and got popularity in a very short span of time.

Download AOSP Extended ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1:

Download ROM

Download Gapps

4. crDroid 5.0 ROM:

crDroid ROM also comes under the category of popular ROMs, mostly custom ROM developers port features from a combination of other ROMs same is the case with the crDroid ROM. Overall resemblance of these ROM is same, but crDroid is exceptional is the case that it supports Camera2 Api which includes Google Camera port 6.1 as well. crDroid ROM is also based on LOS 16 source code, so you may not feel a difference in the first sight but you will find a little bit difference in the features.

Download crDroid ROM for Mi A1:

Download ROM:

Download Gapps:

5. Pixel Experience ROM:

Pixel Experience ROM is another popular branding in the ground of custom ROMs. The ROM is best know for bringing latest OS support for the officially unsupported devices from the OEM. As the name suggests the ROM is meant to brings the Google Pixel’s ROM for the device, it comes with the Google Apps package so you just need to flash ROM zip via recovery to install the ROM. It brings goodies of Android Pie of course, and provides vast variety of customization and modifications as per user’s choice.

Download Pixel Experience ROM for Mi A1

Download ROM

Download Google apps(gapps)

So that was all about the popular custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi A1. If you think we have missed any of your favorite custom ROM do lets us know and give us your feedback about the guide.

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