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If you want to convert any Exe File into Apk file, then you have landed at the right page. Just keep reading the guide below to see how to convert exe to apk 2024 using simplest methods online.

Gone are the days when you need a personal computer to do a variety of tasks like sending payments, video calling, playing HD games and many more. Now the recent upsurge of the modern Smartphones have made PC’s a thing of the past, even some smartphones have become more powerful as compared to PC’s. Most of the PC software are already available for many smartphone Operating systems, but still there are certain apps which are not available for Android OS. So there you’ll feel the need to convert Windows Exe to Android Apk file, if you are one of those who wish to run PC apps on Android, then this guide is going to be more helpful in figuring out how to convert EXE files to APK. Exe to Apk Converter is a tool that allows you to convert EXE files into APK file format online without using any extensive tools or root operations.

Difference between the EXE files and the Apk files?

Every OS has a set of it’s own software that makes the usability of the device more versatile. Even a single setup file which is installable in the OS extracts itself into thousands of small files, and each one is responsible for the smooth operation of the OS. The extension of the setup file or app defines it’s compatible OS, so here is the main differece between .EXE and .APK files.

Exe File or the file ending with .exe extension.

On every windows PC, the setup file ends with a .exe extension which is called an EXE file. These types of files are only installable on the PC’s and Laptops running the Windows OS.

Apk File or the file ending with .apk extension.

The Android OS the flash-able apps extension end with .apk thus called the APK file. Every time you see an Apk file it clearly shows it can only be installed on Android Platform.

Running Cross platform apps can be a challenging task, while there are some developers who feel the need to convert exe to apk, see how to do it. You can play the PC games on your Android smartphones, enjoy the HD graphics and many apps that can’t be directly transferred on smartphones.

How to convert Exe file to Apk file Online | Convert Windows Exe file to Android Apk file

There are certain apps found on the internet which can convert any windows file to Android file in no time. In this article we are going to use one of them.

PC Method: Use the EXE to APK Converter Tool on Windows PC

If you are using a PC or want to convert the using your PC then download this Exe to Apk converter app.

  • Install the Converter App on your PC.
  • Open the app and place the .exe file you want to convert.
  • Press start and let the process complete.

Once done with the conversion, move the file to Android and enjoy the PC app on Android.

Smartphone Method: Using an Android App to convert exe to apk

Install the app on your Android smartphone manually. See how to do it.

Download the exe to apk converter app from Google Play.

Inno Setup Extractor
Inno Setup Extractor
Developer: Alan Woolley
Price: Free
  • On your Android device, go to Settings > Security > Allow unknown sources.
  • Now open any file manager app on your device and locate the downloaded APK file on your phone via file manager and once found simply tap it to begin the installation.
  • Wait for the completion of the installation process.

That’s it open the app and start converting the exe files of your choice to apk.


Can we convert Exe file to Apk?

If you have a little knowledge of these modern OS, then you would come to know that Windows OS and Android OS are entirely different platforms, also coded in different languages. So how come these simple conversion apps handle these apps written in thousands of lines of codes in two different languages? So on paper the conversion is possible but practically it’s not. Hence their comes the need of cross platform apps, you can search on the internet may be there is already an apk file of your choice available without need of conversion.

How do I convert EXE files to APK files and will they work?

We cannot guarantee the success, however you can try the aforementioned process above. Well, you can play many Android games on your PC, thanks to the bluestacks emulator.

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That’s all about how to convert exe to apk files. If you have any question in mind, just ping us in the comment section below.

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