Download Motorola Razr 2019 Wallpapers in High resolution

Download Motorola Razr 2019 Wallpapers in High resolution: Finally it’s official, Motorola has revived it’s 2004 style flip phone Motorola Razr and the latest device is named as Motorola Razr 2019. Exactly 15 years ago Motorola released it’s first stylish flip phone that gained immense popularity for it’s sleek and stylish design that left behind great impression on users. Till now, before the launch of Motorola Razr 2019 there was huge a chatter all around, every Moto Razr fans seemed searching about the specifications, design and release date of the Motorola’s 2019 Razr phone. Ofcorse it’s the era of modern smartphone and the Razr 2004 style feature phones are no longer available, so Motorola has come up with this latest idea to introduce the device with same design that comes with foldable mechanism but instead of ordinary keypad and display it’s complete display with fold feature.

Today, we are bringing you the Motorola Razr 2019 stock wallpapers in original resolution ported from the device. The Motorola Razr 2019 wallpapers are in Full HD+ 2160 x 2520 resolution to be fit on any HD display, just continue reading the guide to see the brief overview of the specifications of the device before heading to the download works.

Moto Razr 2019 Specs:

The device comes with a foldable 6.2 inches P-OLED display with a resolution of 876 x 2142 pixels at 373 ppi density. There is a secondary external 2.7-inch G-OLED display that comes with a resolution of 600 x 800 pixels.

The internals are not as powerful as expected, however under the hood the device comes with a SD 710 processor, Andreno 616 GPU and 6gigs of RAM on board. The optics department is equipped with a 16M primary sensor on the back and a 5MP selfie snapper on the front when un-folded. There is 2510mAh battery that last about a complete day with normal routine usage. The Moto Razr 2019 is available for pre-orders and will costs you around $1500.

Since this guide is about the wallpapers port from Moto Razr 2019 so we will be posting guides on the other ported features from Razr 2019 but right now we have these Moto Razr 2019 wallpapers in hands, just navigate downward to get the wallpapers collection right away.

Download Motorola Razr 2019 stock Wallpapers in HD

More wallpapers will be added soon.

Here we have the Motorola Razr 2019 Wallpapers in Full HD.

Download Motorola Razr 2019 Wallpapers

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