Download Over the Horizon 2024 mp3 [Samsung S24 series Ringtone]

Samsung has just unveiled its 2024 S series flagships. While abundant information already exists on the internet concerning the design, specifications, and camera quality of the Galaxy S24, this guide offers an additional feature. Presenting the iconic and widely beloved Samsung ringtone, the Over The Horizon 2024 ringtone is now available. The completely re-imagined Over The Horizon ringtone for 2024 will come pre-installed with the latest Galaxy S24 lineup. Simply continue reading this article to download the Over the Horizon 2024 ringtone in .mp3 format.

More details on Over the Horizon 2024 ringtone from Galaxy S24 Ultra mp3 format

Samsung has made the Over the Horizon ringtone as default tone which first came out in 2011. In the past 14 years Samsung has kept updating this popular ringtone each year along with it’s new flagships. This year Samsung not only unvleied their latest flagships but also presented the all new Samsung S24’s Over the Horizon 2024 default ringtone. The tone expresses deeper message and feels so touchy, inspired by the beauty of oceans and it’s marine life. We have shared the link to watch the video as well as download link to download Over the Horizon 2024 ringtone from Galaxy S24/S24 Plus and S24 Ultra.

Video Ringtone:

Download Over the Horizon 2024 Samsung S24 series ringtone mp3 320kbps/128kbps

Download Galaxy S24 Ultra (Over the Horizon 2024 Ringtone)

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