Download OnePlus 7 Pro stock Camera/Gallery APK for all OnePlus devices

OnePlus has already announced it’s 2019 flagship twins, the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. Both devices share pretty much same hardware aesthetics but the Pro model has an edge over simple OnePlus 7 in various departments. On the other side the company has increased the prices of it’s 2019 smartphones and the budget tag for OnePlus devices seems to be completely removed. On the official unveiling ceremony OnePlus announced the prices which are quite high than the previous generation smartphones, even though the company claimed that OnePlus 7 Pro is their best flagship smartphone they have ever released. The purpose of writing this guide is to help those who are a die hard fan of OnePlus 7 Pro but cannot spare enough money to buy the latest device. You can get the glimpse of OnePlus 7 Pro features on your previous generation OnePlus device. Now you can download OnePlus 7 Pro stock camera and gallery apk for your older OnePlus device. Just read more to see the process and to download the OnePlus 7 Pro stock gallery and camera apk.

In the previous posts we’ve already share the OnePlus 7 pro stock wallpapers and ringtones. The OnePlus 7 Pro stock camera and gallery apps are in apk format so don’t need to root your device or use any third party app to install both apps on your device.

OnePlus 7 Pro stock Camera Apk

The camera app on OnePlus 7 Pro is already updated to v3.2.91, which is currently the latest version available for camera app. The OnePlus 7 Pro camera app comes with numerous improvements, new features and changes over the previous app. Now, the Auto Nightscape Scene Detection is called Smart Content Detection with missing Smile Capture left feature. However, there is a new feature called ‘Customized modes’ available on the new camera version.

The OnePlus camera has now an integrated Google Lens just like the Google Camera app. The separate Google Lens icon is removed. Wondering how to activate it? Just press and hold the subject in the camera viewfinder. Google Lens will come up with results which object is in focus. Google Lens also works in the background now and in offline mode as well.

Download OnePlus 7 Pro Camera apk [OnePlus Camera v3.2.91 apk]

OnePlus 7 Pro stock Gallery Apk

The gallery app in OnePlus 7 Pro comes with an updated v3.2.7 update. The gallery app doesn’t bring anything major like camera app to discuss, instead a few minor changes including collections page has now a much cleaner look with a new carousel interface. Additionally, the media viewer has been modified as well.

Download OnePlus 7 Pro gallery 3.2.7 apk |APKMirror|

We have posted the direct link to download the apk and install it manually on your device but you can also get it on Google Play as well, below is the link.

OnePlus Gallery
OnePlus Gallery
Developer: OnePlus Ltd.
Price: Free

You can join the beta program to get frequent updates on your device. Tap on Join the beta and follow the onscreen instructions. Once done with the beta registration process, refresh the page and you’ll see the Update option if you are already running previous version.

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