Freie webzet? Everything You need to know

Freie webzet is a free platform for creating a website, publishing and sharing content without any prior experience or knowledge of coding. It is one of the best tool for newbie content creators, it’s user-friendly interface makes it easier for anyone to establish a full working website with just a game of drag and drops. The in-built marketing toolset makes it even easier for businesses of all sizes to create and manage their online content without spending any money. The new platform is getting popular for providing free hosting, privacy services, personal FTP server and custom domain names.

What is Freie webzet? FreieWebzet

Freie webzet is a free web hosting service allows you to create websites/blogs free of cost and share content online. The content creators can easily manage their content, and find business of the same interest via built in social media platform. The websites created using Freie webzet are accessible via any browser and any location around the world getting more audience to your business with unlimited bandwidth. Unlike any other platform, Freie webzet keeps your privacy high, as your personal information is never shared with the public.

Why Freie webzet?

There are many reasons to use Freie webzet. Just like WordPress, Freie webzet is just another emerging CMS (Content Management System) in the market. Of course it’ll take some time for this new platform to get equal fame as others but still it is one of the more versatile and free CMS available for all. Based on LAMP stack, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Comparing it with WordPress, the Freiwebzet is more SEO friendly with it’s advanced search engine ranking options which means your website will have better ranking chances in SERP’s.

How to create Freie webzet website? Freiewebzet

Just like any webhost, you need to first create and account on Freie webzet website.

  • Select a domain name of your choice e.g. “” and then choose a hosting plan.
  • Choose the template of your website and the custom design, use the content layout information.
  • Once done with the layout and design, just click on the Publish button to make your website live for audience.
  • Start creating your content and share it with the audience all around the world. Use the in-built resources to further grow your content.

Benefits of Freie webzet!

There are many benefits of using Freie webzet, including:

1. Free of cost and easy to use!

2. If you are newbie, You can create your own website in just a few minutes!

3. Variety of hosting option, unlimited bandwidth and custom templates for website!

4. Versatile SEO friendly tools to make your search ranking better.

5. 24/7 support available.

6. You can share your website with friends and family!

7. Keeps your data private: DDoS protection

8. You can avoid being tracked online without having to remove all of your personal information.

This is all about the new Freie webzet platform, if you think we miss any important point please shot us a comment below. And if you are planning to create a website of yours without any cost, we recommend you give Freie webzet a try, you won’t regret your decision. Freie webzet is packed with loads of interesting option that’ll be really helpful for new content creators.

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Enjoy blogging!

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