YT Revanced Apk March 2024 [100% Working Patches]

Now you can download YT Revanced Apk for Android running Android 5.0 and above. Just like YouTube Vanced , the revanced version is a latest modular patcher for YouTube, these patches aid extra features and customizations beyond the originals version of the app. The project is developed by volunteers aiming to stack up extra features for the users. Revanced operates uniquely by using open-source patches instead of distributing proprietary files.

You can directly install and replace the original App if you have a rooted device else it the revanced version is installed as seperate file ensuring no interference with the original app. Recently the developers have released the YT Revanced Apk version 19.04.37, further there are various YT Revanced Apk version also available. All these variants come with more stable build and also adds more customized features. So just continue reading the post to see more details and to download YT Revanced Mod apk 2024 for Android.

YT_Revanced_Apk 2024 app file details: Download Link

App Name: YT_Revanced_2024.Apk

App Version: 

OS requirements: Android 5.0, 5.1 and Up

Last updated: March 2024

File Size: 63.3MB

Download YT Revanced Apk

What are the features of YT Revanced app Apk?

The YT Revanced apk is basically the original YT app but as mentioned above, the app is customized and different features like Dark/Light mode and add blocking is added to achieve the best user experience. See the complete features in detail below.

Features of YT Revanced App Apk/iOS!

The YT Revanced app apk allows you to enjoy the adfree videos: Are you the one who gets irritated by YT ads during the video? If Yes, then this app lets you block all YT ads by simply enabling the in-built ad blocking feature.

Dark/Light mode feature: The YT Revanced apk also lets you switch between the dark and light mode depending on the lighting situations. The dark mode on the app, turns the app’s interface to dark from light thus feels relaxing to eyes especially during the night times.

Background Playback option: Unlike official YT app, the YT Revanced app also allows you to play the videos in the background, this feature is useful then you are listening to your favorite music and not interesting in the video or you want to play the music in the background while texting your friends or even playing games.

Swipe control for brightness: The app lets you uses the swipe gesture for brightness and volume control without the need of third party player.

Available for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices: The app was previously available for rooted users, but now the rooting process is becoming un-common these days so developers have come up with this new version of the YT Revanced apk that can be installed on any Android device without root access.

YT Revanced App Apk preview:

Download YT Revanced App Apk/iOS patches for Android and iPhone – March 2024 | mediafire link apk version 19.04.37

Step 1: Download and install the latest YT Revanced Apk and move it on the storage of Android smartphone.

Step 2: Now on your Android device, go to Settings > Security > Allow unknown sources.

Step 3: Once done with the above step 2, now open any file manager app on your device and locate the downloaded APK file on your phone via file manager and once found simply tap it to begin the installation.

Step 4: Wait for the completion of the installation process.

That’s it! Below we have posted the download link for the YT Revanced Mod Apk.

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Download section! YT_Revanced_apk

Download YT Revanced Apk apk version 19.04.37

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