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Now you can download and install the Egg Inc Mod Apk v1.31 +obb data March 2023 - Unlimited resources, golden eggs, pro permit, money and everything free for ...

Now you can download Genshin Impact Mod Apk +obb/data v4.5.0_21307647_21321795 unlimited primogems, wishes, unlocked all characters, infinite resin, skins, ...

Now you can download and install the Atlantis Odyssey Mod Apk v1.71.2 obb/data March 2024 for Android. The wonderful simulation game is presented by VIZOR APPS ...

There are a variety of tower defense games in the market but today we are bringing the latest version of free Rush Royale Mod Apk 23.0 Unlimited Money free ...

Now you can download and install the Smithing Master Mod Apk v0.30.0 +obb data March 2024 - Unlimited resources, enhancement egg, Stormlight Plumes, coins, ...

Now you can download and install the Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Mod Apk 2023 v2.3.0 with Unlimited Money/Gems unlocked, characters +obb data for latest ...

Here you can download and install the latest version of Family Farm Adventure Mod Apk v1.42.101 obb/data March 2024 - Unlimited Energy, resources and money ...

Now you can download and install the Artery Gear Fusion game Mod Apk Unlimited Money/in-App purchases unlocked + obb v1.0.22 March 2024 full free for Android. ...

Now you can download and install the Warpath Ace Shooter Mod Apk v9.30.00 +obb data March 2024 - Unlimited resources, gold, money and everything for Android. ...

Now you can download and install the Watcher of Realms Mod Apk 2024 v1.3.88.458.1 with Unlimited Money, crystals, gold, exp potions, free resources, purchases ...

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  1. We are trying to make it available as soon as possible, thanks for contacting Gadgetstwist

  2. Appreciate that!!

  3. Restart your device and then try again

  4. Link updated!

  5. at the end of post!

  6. depends on OS, what is your OS version?

  7. That’s because your normal game apk is creating conflict with the mod, just un-install the previous version. clear cache and storage, then install the apk mod

  8. yes, after download it will download extra resources

  9. yes you can update


  11. Yes, the previous version should be un-installed before you install mod

  12. Yes, we know that but you should update it to version 1.41.1, as this mod supports OTA

  13. Google Drive link is active

  14. please explain, did you un-installed the last installed version?

  15. Anything?

  16. Un-install the previously install dragon ball legends app from your phone and then install it via file manager

  17. Actually this is an APK file for Android, however you can install the .ipa via itunes

  18. In the download section, end of post

  19. it is just around the corner for global variant, and some reports show that the update is already live in few regions!

  20. Which OS are you running, as many users have OS compatibility issues

  21. Your Android OS?

  22. un-install the previous game version to make it work

  23. Translated your comment into English, as far as i came to know about your problem is that, you are facing limited coins issue. How much coins are you getting?

  24. The OS shouldn’t be an issue, well try installing after a reboot

  25. all unlocked

  26. Download Section in the end of post!

  27. Just reboot your phone it’ll be fine

  28. what error it is showing to you?

  29. everything you find unlocked

  30. Just install the apk and it’ll grab the data itself

  31. If the game apk is installed successfully, then you need to update it officially to get the latest version, cheers!

  32. Which OS are you running?

  33. already mentioned and working

  34. Our download links are already updated! Are you following the instructions properly?

  35. The whole process is mentioned very clearly..please you need to read carefully the installation steps

  36. Yes it does

  37. Yes it does

  38. Welcome 🙂

  39. You need to un-install the previous version and then try the modded version

  40. which OS installed on your device?

  41. it’s stable

  42. Thanks for reaching us, actually the article published date is old but out team continuously keeps updating the files in it without changing the published date.

  43. At the end of post

  44. You need to un-install the current version of the game before installing this latest version

  45. Now working

  46. link is mentioned below

  47. which OS you are running?

  48. it will work

  49. OS version?

  50. in the download section

  51. install the latest version of game from our post and try again

  52. embedded in the app

  53. embedded in the app

  54. Just install the app through file managers, and allow the permissions

  55. Android version on your device?

  56. Re-install the latest version

  57. install this new updated version

  58. it is in the download section

  59. What’s your Android version?

  60. it’s working now

  61. embedded into single apk file, just install and chill

  62. re-installed the latest version, but before installing the mod file remove the previously installed game file.

  63. it’s now updated

  64. Actually everything is mentioned in the post, so you need to follow the instructions carefully

  65. I heard most of the users are complaining about no un-limited resources, that because you haven’t un-installed the previous version of the game before installing mod

  66. No, that’s the older version, the new version is the one that is mentioned in the post

  67. the link package includes it

  68. yes it does

  69. have you un-installed the previous version before installing this modded version?

  70. It should work, is your device rooted?

  71. what Android version you are running?

  72. by the end of post

  73. you should delete the previous version of the app to make it work

  74. it should work, because we haven’t received any report like that, have you checked the compatibility ?

  75. Yes, we are doing it in a moment

  76. working on it, and will be available soon

  77. We are updating it..

  78. Actually it’s the kernel source code for developers, but it can be installed with a little modification. However if you can wait, we will arrange the firmware file for you as our team is looking for it.

  79. Working on it, and it will be here soon

  80. we are working on it, and will be available soon

  81. It will be available soon

  82. Actually the firmware is not available at the moment, but we are continuously tracking it and the link will be updated soon, stay tuned

  83. Thanks for contacting, we are trying to get the file and link will be updated once it becomes available

  84. Yes, sir we are tying to find it and link will be updated once it become available

  85. Thanks for letting us know, the link is working again

  86. link updated

  87. Our team will arrange that for you, thanks for your feedback

  88. We will update the link as soon as it becomes available

  89. then you should try the Magisk 13.1 and see if it works, that’s because sometime this conflict occurs when you have the lower OS, can you tell me what OS you are running?

  90. Yeah we are keeping any eye on it’s availability, soon we’ll inform everyone

  91. We will update it soon

  92. Yes, it will work, but make sure you have downloaded the correct firmware file and and it’s build starts with A750FN…….B4

  93. No it only works for the SM-A750FN, the DS variant is not supported at the moment

  94. Yes it is, but we recommend you make a backup of data before proceeding to the process.

  95. It’s simple follow the same process but this time grab the latest Oreo firmware tar with latest security patch.

  96. Sure we are trying to grab it for you